About Ian The Dog Trainer

Ian Bradnock is a Canine Behavioural Consultant and Professional Dog Trainer, and he has developed his own personalised in home dog training service over the past 20 plus years. 

Ian's philosophy is that with a puppy, prevention is better than cure, don't wait for problems to occur, make sure they never get there in the first place. And if you have an adult dog, with behavioural issues, or that is unruly don't worry about changing the past, look at the present and change the future.

There are many myths about socialisation, puppy and dog training and all manner of things in between and you know what, it is just not that complicated.

Tom, Dale and Ian - The team at Ian The Dog TrainerTom, Dale and Ian - The team at Ian The Dog Trainer

Stage 4 Covid-19 Roadmap Restrictions - Effective Monday 6 Sept, 2020, our services remain suspended.  The care & wellbeing of domestic animals was not considered or included in the COVID 19 Stage 4 Roadmap & so we are unable to conduct our 1 on 1 training sessions.  Stay well, stay safe & stay home & we look forward to providing our training services once the restrictions have been lifted.  

Your trainer will structure the training to suit you, your environment, and your lifestyle whilst taking into consideration your dog’s character and temperament.

The training is conducted at your home, around your streets so that your experience is a very personal one as it is all about you and your dog.

Areas covered include Melbourne and surrounding suburbs plus the Mornington Peninsula

(NB a travel allowance may be applicable where ferries are required to be taken & your location is beyond our usual areas)